Non-Standard Options

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Laidlaw Balustrades – Non-Standard Options

As well as the standard components of the five handrails and balustrades systems, Laidlaw Balustrades offer a number of options for clients and specifiers with specific requirements for rail materials and/or infill panels. For details and prices of all the non-standard options, please contact the Laidlaw Balustrades’ Handrails and Balustrades Solutions Enquiry Line on 01902 600420.

The Component Options

The non-standard options are as follows:

  • A Walnut timber option for handrails and the top rails of balustrades within the Laidlaw Timber system.
  • One-piece timber top rails for balustrades.
  • Coloured tints and manifestation to glass infill panels.
  • The extension of the infill below the stair pitch line.

Timber rails in Walnut

Where the standard range of timbers within theTimber system do not provide a sufficient match with other timbers in an interior, Laidlaw Balustrades offer a Walnut timber option. This option is available where the required quantity of handrails and balustrades top rail is more than 100 metre run in total.

One-piece timber rails

If required, Laidlaw Balustrades can supply one-piece timber top rails for the balustrades of the main stair flights, avoiding the need for stainless steel or nylon ‘T’ connections to uprights.


Coloured tints to glass

Where balustrades infill panels are of toughened glass, there are options to use tinted glass with the following colours:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Grey


A simple tint can often be sufficient to ensure that the boundaries of a stair or landing are recognised by a person with impaired vision, giving them a feeling of greater security.

Infill extended below the stair pitch line

Where there is no solid string to the stair on the stair well side, there is the possibility that the open triangle would allow a sphere of 100mm diameter to pass through (see the guidance in Approved Document K to the Building Regulations for England and Wales). To avoid this, Laidlaw Balustrades can provide balustrades infill that extends below the pitch line of the stair to block this potentially unsafe gap.

Manifestation on glass

Manifestation refers to markings on clear glass doors, screens and other large glazed areas to ensure that people are aware of the presence of the glass surface. It is particularly useful for visually impaired people who may not otherwise notice the barrier sufficiently quickly to avoid an accident.

There is nothing in the Building Regulation Approved Documents requiring manifestation on balustrades infill panels. However, like tinted glass, it is a way of helping visually impaired people, while turning a plain glass infill panel into an attractive design feature.

Options for manifestation include designs, company logos, or other emblems created by:

  • acid-etching of the glass surface
  • surface application of weatherproof markings (decals).