Handrails and Balustrades Regulations: Question Time

As a specialist supplier and installer of handrails and balustrades systems there are a number of questions we get asked on a regular basis, in this newsletter we aim to answer them and hopefully make your next specification an easier task. 1. Can we specify horizontal bars or wires? Building Regulations Approved Document K (ADK) [...]

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A view on CE Marking

There seems to be much confusion in the industry as to whether or not handrails and balustrades should be CE marked under EN1090-1. Safety and quality are subjects we take very seriously at Laidlaw Balustrades so it should come as no surprise that CE Marking has been a hot topic for us and subject of [...]

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Kensington Health Centre

The Kensington health care centre recently opened its doors to the public, the £5m facility is situated on a major strategic gateway to Liverpool city centre. The Kensington facility will provide patients with enhanced services including dental, pharmacy, immunisations, vaccinations and treatment rooms. Laidlaw Balustrades provided stainless steel balustrades with glass infill to the project, [...]

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Moduline System Discontinued

Please note our Moduline System was discontinued on the 1st January 2014, if this effects you please contact Laidlaw Balustrades on 01902 600421 for more information.

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Laidlaw Balustrades have designed a nylon handrails and balustrades range that meets specific building regulations and safety requirements. The range has been created especially for high traffic environments such as train stations, where safety and durability are key concerns. With some railway stations getting thousands of visitors each day, the need for a hard wearing [...]

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Nylon Is The Answer

With safety forming a fundamental part of any railway station‚Äôs fixtures and fittings, Laidlaw‚Äôs handrails and balustrades nylon range is ideal. The handpicked range meets the high traffic demands of transport hubs ‚Äď from an aesthetic, durability and safety point of view. It is a recognisable fact that train stations are one of the busiest [...]

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Network Rail

Laidlaw are UK’s leading supplier of technical solutions for architectural ironmongery, integrated doorsets, handrails & balustrades and access-control. At the heart of Laidlaw’s integrated package of solutions is a comprehensive range of Handrails and Balustrades solutions. Laidlaw’s Nylonline & Combiline modular systems are Network Rail specified and approved products, in accordance with Network Rail DDA [...]

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