Laidlaw Balustrades is part of Laidlaw Ltd and was previously known as Balustrading Solutions. As the market leader, Laidlaw Balustrades can provide you with handrails and balustrades solutions that comply with all necessary Building Regulation requirements and British Standard recommendations for structural stability, safety and accessibility.

Laidlaw Balustrades conform to BS 6180 and, where glass infill panels are used, to the safety recommendations of BS EN 12150. They also comply with the guidance in Approved Document K in relation to guarding.

In terms of accessibility, Laidlaw Balustrades handrails and balustrades solutions comply with the guidance in Approved Document M and also with the alternative acceptable guidance in the 2009 amendment to BS8300. They will, therefore, be acceptable for both new construction and for the refurbishment of buildings used by organisations whose activities are subject to The Equality Act 2010 (formerly The DDA).

Laidlaw Balustrades solutions are available in a range of materials and coloured finishes that enable a specifier, when required, to match corporate colours. The exceptional finish of Laidlaw products and their attention to detail ensures a high quality installation.


The six basic systems

Laidlaw Balustrades offer six handrails and balustrades systems:

  • Nylon – using nylon-sleeved galvanised steel components
  • Stainless steel – using stainless steel components
  • Timber – using four basic types of timber, in conjunction with either nylon-sleeved galvanised steel or stainless steel components
  • Combi – using a combination of nylon-sleeved galvanised steel and stainless steel components
  • 3kN – using larger diameter stainless steel uprights to resist the greater loadings required for certain buildings, e.g. assembly buildings
  • Moduline – using an on-site easy assembly component system